Air Loop and H2S Monitoring Services



Air Loop and H2S Services Division

  • Full Range of H2S Safety Services for drilling and production facilities ( including  experienced local personnel, the best in quality, and the latest technology equipment)
  • Rental of the top in quality H2S safety equipment:

    - Gas Detection Systems Wireless ( Honeywell, RAE)
    - Portable Detectors (BW, MSA, Industrial Scientific)
    - Respiratory Protection Equipment (Honeywell &MSA)

  • Different types of cascade systems      (including mobile units).
  • The latest models of breathing air compressors and refilling stations by BAUER
  • Add on filtration system B-virus by BAUER        ( all viruses also Corona free air)
  • Best in class stand-alone gas detectors, up to 7 gases :
    - Blackline safety G7EXO
    - Radius by Industrial Scientific
    - Rig Rat by Honeywell
  • Hydrotest Facility 
  • Disinfection, cleaning, and drying system DRTK 2  by ALRO for respiratory equipment and all PPE
  • Best in the class well Ignition system
  • Sales of all safety equipment and post-sales servicing, maintenance, and calibration.
  • The only authorized Iraq Service Center (Honeywell, Bauer, MSA, BW, Industrial Scientific, Crowcon, Scott, Blackline)
  • Facility inspections and audits of H2S Equipment
  • Rig HSE Services(HSE Advisors) for drilling operations
  • HSE Advisors / Consultants for Oil & Gas Fields and Production Plants
  • HSE Audits
  • H2S Awareness / Advanced IHSP certificates 3 years validity



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